I Met a Real Live Robot

April 11, 2014



Yesterday I was working at NextSpace when I heard a lot of hustle and bustle and what sounded like someone talking loudly with their phone on speaker. I looked up and saw a giant screen rolling down the hallway toward the cafe area, presumably under its own control. “Oh, great,” I thought. “Here we go.” […]

7 Reasons Why This Traffic Light Rules

February 10, 2014



Somewhere in Germany there exist traffic lights that double as video games for pedestrians. Whoever designed and implemented this great street project deserves three cheers. Since watching this video last week, I’ve thought of it several times and found myself exploring why I like it so much. Here are 7 reasons: 1. It encourages people […]

A Worldwide Celebration of Collaboration? Nice!

January 16, 2014



Today is International Collaboration Day. This means that people all over the world are celebrating the power, importance and fun of collaboration with meetups, events, get-togethers and more. An independent, non-localized event that is participant-driven, iCollDay, as it’s been dubbed for those following along in the social media sphere, relies on people around the world […]

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Coworking Supercharged

January 13, 2014



While writing from home in jammies is sometimes sweet, over the years I’ve discovered that I get a lot more done when I’m out in the world without the distractions (records, cats, books, beautiful view) that I have at home. Coworking has proven to be the perfect solution for me. Never heard of coworking? You […]

My Top 10 Shareable Articles of 2013

December 21, 2013



This year I wrote 98 articles for Shareable. While I write for other publications, Shareable is the writing gig that keeps me the busiest by far. Shareable is also a growing global community of people who recognize that the endless growth model doesn’t work; that we’re better together than we are alone; that the planet […]

Santa Cruz Open Streets: If You Close It, They Will Come

October 15, 2013



Talk about community! Sunday was the second annual Santa Cruz Open Streets, and the people came out to West Cliff Drive en masse. Shout and I spent the first half of the event volunteering at Open Streets Headquarters and the second half of it wandering around taking in the sights and taking photos. Here are […]

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Affordable, Green Cohousing? Yes!

October 8, 2013



Cohousing, in principle, sounds great. Live with a bunch of people with whom you share values, space and stuff but still have your own private home? I find this very appealing. But—yes, there’s a but—many of the cohousing projects I know of are cost prohibitive and leave many people out of the cohousing loop. The […]

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